One of the keys to creating a successful, cohesive interior scheme, is being really clear about the type of style you are trying to achieve in your home. Unless you are a dab-hand at pulling together an eclectic look, stick to one style to avoid your home looking like a jumble sale.

Once you are clear on your style, identify the key elements that fit in with that look. So if it’s an industrial look you’re after, you’ll be including exposed brick walls, lots of rusty metal elements and vintage accessories; if you’re creating a Scandi look, you will stick to a white and soft grey colour palette with a few faux- animal furs or skins thrown in. You get the idea.


The modern country look is all about comfort without frills or fuss. The colour palette is usually muted and reserved; it is understated in a kind of restrained British way. Done properly, it should evoke thoughts of vases of summer flowers or feelings of snuggling down by the fire during snowy winters.

Wallpaper is a great way to bring some of these country elements into your scheme. Here are 5 of the best modern country wallpapers to help you make a start:


You cannot have a country scheme without including an English rose somewhere along the line. This wallpaper has that in spades. It’s a background of postcards arranged into a patchwork layout, with pale pink roses on top (other colourways are available). It’s called Postcard Florals Boutanique by Galerie, and you can get it from Wallpaper Direct at just £14.95 per roll. A word of caution though when using highly patterned floral wallpapers: use sparingly; overdo it and you risk creating an old fashioned, chintzy look. Pair it with clean lined furniture and pale paint to keep it looking modern and fresh.


If you live in the country, animals come with the territory. This paper from B&Q is aptly named Pooch Dogs and it reflects the special relationship between man and his best friend (or indeed, woman and her best friend). It would look great in an entrance hall, with perhaps an umbrella stand and boot rack in front of it.


There is nothing more Country than a china plate display, either on a dresser or as a wall decoration. This wallpaper is a simple way to get the look without having to spend hours positioning hooks and plates to get it ‘just right’. Each plate even has subtle shadowing behind it giving a 3D effect- you can almost reach out and take them off the wall. You can pick this wallpaper up at B&Q for £14 per roll.


Toile de Jouy literally means the cloth of the town of Jouy and, as you can guess from the name, it is French in origin. Toile often depicts scenes of the French countryside, printed on a pale background. It can be a bit busy if used on every wall, so I would recommend using this as a feature wall, or perhaps to paper the inside of a book case. In this picture the geometric cushion cover and the fresh colour palette stop this room from being fussy but it would be easy to over-clutter the room without these more modern touches. This wallpaper is simply called ‘Toile’ by C Brewer & Sons, and you can get it from Wallpaper Direct for £48 per roll.


Our final classic country wallpaper is a pattern inspired by the Scottish countryside: plaid, check or tartan. (By the way, the difference between plaid, check and tartan is something I’m getting onto in a different post- watch this space!) This wallpaper comes from Arthouse and is called Fairburn, available for £18.98 per roll. Another strong pattern, it is prevented from being too overpowering here by the addition of wainscoting paneling, painted in a plain colour. This helps to break up the strong masculine lines, and stops it from dominating the room.

So there you have it; 5 classics of the country design world, which bring a little warmth and colour without adding fuss or being oppressive. Which suits your style best? Let me know what you think; leave me a comment below, or share the love on social media.

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