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In my last Spotlight on Lighting post, we looked at the difference between ambient, task and decorative lighting. Today we’re going to turn that spotlight onto one form of decorative lighting, with a run-down of that old classic: the chandelier.

But hang on a minute, won’t traditional glass chandeliers look out of place in a modern country scheme? Yes indeed, if you choose a traditional cut glass design, it would undoubtedly jar with a modern country look. However there are some less formal options that work really well in a contemporary country scheme, and I’ve brought you some of the best to browse through:

Chandelier #1: The Hunting Lodge

This antler chandelier from Sweetpea and Willow is a dramatic statement piece that would undoubtedly get you noticed. Animal enthusiasts need not worry; no deer were harmed in the making of this piece: the antlers are replica.

Chandelier #2: The Fairy Queen

Another rustic (but less dramatic) take on the chandelier is this wicker hoop from The Orchard. You do need to supply the jam jars yourself though, but you could fill them with little tea lights, or perhaps string some fairy lights through the wicker for a pretty, but hand-made look:

Chandelier #3: The Industrialist

Regular readers of my blog will know that, whilst I love country style, fussy and chintzy country is not my style at all. I’m all in favour of adding a few wild cards into a scheme, like a touch of the industrial for example to contemporise a country scheme. This industrial inspired chandelier from Sweetpea and Willow does exactly that:

Chandelier #4: The King Arthur

But if you really want to push the boat out, this Valhalla Two Tier extravaganza from Alexander and Pearl would wow your guests. In all honesty, I think you’d need a pretty impressive room to get way with this beauty, but at least you couldn’t be accused of sitting on the fence with your tastes! Medieval banquet anyone?

Chandelier #5: Ooh La La

And finally, if you like a bit of a French influence in your country style, how about this shaded chandelier from the French Bedroom Company. It verges a little too much on the shabby chic for my liking, but if you kept all of the other furnishings simple, this could look quite stunning.

So, how about it? Could you work a chandelier into your scheme? Which are your favourite pieces? Do you like the rustic, industrial or the French shabby? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time x

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