When you think of iconic country bathroom style, the roll-top bath springs to mind as a key piece for the room. Originally the preserve of the super wealthy, roll top baths were introduced by the British elite in the late 18th Century but over the last few years they have seen a resurgence in popularity with the introduction of more modern materials and shapes. A modern roll top bath is the height of style and luxury, acting as an elegant centrepiece in any period or country bathroom.

Photograph by Urbanara- click here to see their range of bathroom accessories.

This bath (above) is a traditional style roll top bath. The taps are situated in the middle and the claw feet prop the tub up from the floor. Both ends of the bath are low, and the smooth surface means that it is a comfortable place to lay your head. The contrast between the dark coating of the exterior surface and the pure white of the inside surface create a clean look.

Eldwick Roll Top Slipper Bath from Frontline Bathrooms

Another style of roll top bath puts the taps at one end, with the opposite end raised above the height of the taps. This is meant to give more support and to cradle you as you bathe. This style was introduced by the Victorians, who named it the ‘slipper bath’ because it apparently looks like a slipper from the side. I’m not so sure!


Excelsior Bath by BC Designs

You can also get double ended slipper baths too like this Excelsior bath (above), where both ends rise to create a cocoon at either end. The double ended slipper tub is designed for- well- sharing, I suppose. The taps are located in the middle in this design, thus avoiding the whole, ‘who’s going to get the tap end’ argument that my children have with each other most bath nights. It’s a beautiful bath but, at £4698, it’s a rather pricey way to solve a squabble, don’t you think?

Knightsbridge by Frontline Bathrooms

Similar to the Excelsior, the Knightsbridge above has a plinth bottom supporting the tub, rather than claw feet. This, in addition to the brushed metal finish and über sleek taps, brings a contemporary edge to the traditional style.

Montague Suite from Cooke & Lewis

Whilst some of these baths are eye-wateringly expensive, there are more affordable options out there too. Cooke & Lewis have several cost-effective roll top baths starting from around £300.

So, if you want to relax and unwind in style, what better way than to sink into a deep roll top bath, filled with warm, soapy bubbles and surrounded by style.

If you have a roll top bath, share with us your photographs and let us know what you think.

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