With Spring in the air and Easter done and dusted (excuse the pun) our thoughts turn to getting our houses in order for the warmer seasons. It’s time for a Spring clean and de-clutter! Whilst I’m not a fan of strict tidy regimes (Marie Kondo afficionados look away now), I do like to be surrounded by a clutter-and mess-free home.

A good clear out and visits to the recycling centre and charity shops to re-home your unused kit is a good idea, but even having done that, 4 bods and a dog still have a lot of ‘stuff’. Keeping on top of the stuff that a busy family accumulates is about having storage solutions in key places throughout the house, so that clutter is contained, and if the storage itself can be good looking too, then we’ve got a win-win.

So today, I’m featuring a few of my top picks of home storage for this Spring:

#1: Stack of Suitcases

These suitcases offer a nice bit of eye candy, as well as a large amount of storage space. They can be stacked on top of each other to create an inviting display. Good for storing items that you don’t use regularly, but be careful what you choose to pack away: they are not so ideal if you realise that you need something from the bottom case. These are from Oliver Bonas, and they are priced between £30-£75 each.

#2: Storage Crates

These crates are ideal for tidying away all of those books and magazines or to find a home for all of those stray toys. There are numerous uses for these wooden storage crates and the open tops mean that you can just drop items into them for an instant de-clutter. They have a vintage stencil print on each side and the largest crate comes with wheels for ease of moving, whereas the smaller crates can be stacked on shelves. These crates are from Vincent and Barn and are £85 for a set of 3.

#3: Storage Boxes

A little less rustic than the crates, these beautiful storage boxes are from Swoon editions. The Dahlia (left) and Florentine (right) storage boxes are priced at £119 in their medium size. They are both hand-painted in a soft grey shade and then given an antiqued wash and a solid brass clasp, so it looks somewhat vintage. They would look great on their own, or add a pot plant and a lamp to double up as a handy side table. These are limited edition items though, so you’d better snap them up quickly before they are gone.

#4: Metal Storage Bins

These metal storage bins come as a set of three and wouldn’t look out of place in a greenhouse, kitchen or rustic country living room. Pair with some floral fabric baskets for an eclectic country look. These are from Vincent and Barn and are priced at £65 for the set.

#5: Willow Basket

A country home wouldn’t be a country home without a woven basket. This one is a grey wash willow basket from Marquis and Dawe, and it’s a snip at just £29.95. Traditionally used to store logs, you could use it for spare blankets and scatter cushions, or collect board games and toys together to keep them all in one place.

#6: Cubby Holes

This cute little cubby hole unit is ideal for storing the smaller bits and bobs that seem to accumulate around the home. Position one near the front door and never be bothered again by the keys that get thrown on the table, or the loose change that’s left lying around. This one is from Within and is £125.

#7: Chalkboard Crates

My final pick for today are these crates from Loaf. Although they are called ‘pomme’ boxes, I could think of plenty of things they could store aside from apples. With their nifty chalkboard sides, not only can you conceal your clutter, but you can label it too (and change it easily when the contents change). I can see myself ordering a crate for each of my children here, labelled with their names. I wonder if they’d start tidying their own things away… watch this space.

So, that’s the end of the round up of this Spring’s key storage items. I hope it helps to make your de-cluttering easier. Let me know what your top storage items are by adding a comment below. Wishing you a tidy start to Spring: may all of your surfaces be clear and your home clutter- free.

Until next time x

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