It was quite an unremarkable Tuesday afternoon. I was browsing around the internet, looking for some upholstery fabric for a project I’m working on, when boom! I stumbled across Vanessa Arbuthnott’s website. Well, what can I say? It was love at first sight. Vanessa Arbuthnott, where have you been all my life?

So I got straight onto Vanessa’s PR team to ask them for some photos to share with you. If you like contemporary country style (and I’m guessing you do because you’re reading my blog) you’re gonna love this. Shall we make a start?

This pink and grey living room works as a formal space because of the shape of the furniture, clean lines and hardwood flooring, but it also gives an inviting and cosy look which is achieved by the soft furnishings. The fabrics come from Vanessa’s Bohemain range: the sofa is covered in Stockholm Stripe which is £48.00/mtr; the armchair & sofa seat pads are covered in Pretty Maids, also £48.00/mtr; and the cushions are a mixture of Stockholme stripe, For the Love of Rose and Gypsey Garland, all priced between £44-£48/mtr.

Another pink scheme, this time with accents of lime, the bedroom above is from Vanessa’s Swedish collection.

The curtains are Dawn Chorus (dusky pink) £48.00/mtr with a leading edge in Plain Linen Lime. The Vanessa Arbuthnott Rectangular 6’ Headboard is £560, and is upholstered in Up The Garden Path Dove £48.00/mtr. The cushions and duvet are a mixture of Pretty Maids and Plain Linen, Lime, Winter, Up The Garden Path Dove, Stockholm Stripe Dusky Pink, Lime, Winter and contrast Charcoal piping all between £44-£48.00/mtr. Imagine waking up in this pretty room- not a bad start to the day!

Onto a colour change now. The cosy living room above invites you in to the room with its moody dark wall and fresh, almost coastal-inspired fabrics. I can just imagine sitting here with a steaming mug of tea in hand, sleepy dog by my feet after a long country walk.

The Vanessa Arbuthnott ‘Traditional’ Armchair is £1450 and it’s upholstered in Dawn Chorus Mushroom, Teal, Winter at £48.00/mtr. The cushions are covered in Stockholm Stripe Teal, Mushroom, Winter and Up the Garden Path Winter £48.00/mtr, and the footstool is upholstered in Pretty Maids Winter £48.00/mtr.

Vanessa describes her style as contemporary country (yep, that’s why I like it then). She has thirteen collections, all produced in the UK. Her fabrics and wallcoverings (so I’m told) ‘represent an eclectic fusion of themes and inspirations, a celebration of her love of the simpler things in life, the countryside and her rural roots’. I quite agree. Gotta love this shot below:

Vanessa has recently opened her flagship shop and showroom in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, where there are floor to ceiling ‘walls’ of fabric, arranged by colour. For those of us who find putting a whole look together daunting, the fabrics are arranged with complementary wallpapers, accessories and furniture to help you to bring it all together. There is also a design service for those who want a little extra guidance.

So if you have a decorating project in mind, what better time than to take a look around Vanessa’s showroom for a bit of country inspiration. Day out, anyone?

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