Monochrome room scheme

Whilst many of us love having colour in our homes, there are plenty of us who prefer to decorate our homes in neutrals, or who prefer to stick to a simple palette, using one colour only, or even no colours.

But how do we keep these pared down or monochrome palettes from looking boring?

Here are 5 top ways of stopping your low-or-no colour rooms from looking plain and uninteresting.

1. Use tints, tones and shades of the same colour

If you have chosen one key colour for your room, play around with using lighter and darker shades of the same colours. This will bring depth and dimension to the scheme, and will enable you to bring in accents of colour through a bright pop of your neutral palette.

2. Mix in neutrals and white to break up the colour

Whilst we may talk about a monochrome (meaning one colour) scheme, of course it’s not really practical to decorate in just one colour. I doubt you’ve ever really been into a room which has pink ceilings, walls, floors, trim, furniture and furnishings in just one room. That would be a headache! Once you have settled on your main room colour, add in neutrals and white to break up the monochrome colour and to add some relief to the space.

3. Natural wood

Natural wood is a great way of introducing another ‘colour’ into a one-colour scheme. Depending on the species, quality and finish of the wood, it can bring in pops of brown, yellow, orange or red. An earthy brown wood is a great way to warm up a grey scheme, without introducing a noticeable shot of colour.

4. Use metallics

Don’t forget metallics in your scheme. Silvery metals like stainless steel, chrome or pewter sit on the cool side of the colour wheel and can provide contrast with a warmer scheme. Warm metals like gold, copper and brass can and warmth to grey or cool blue schemes.  

5. Vary the Textures

As well as varying the tints, tones and shades of a colour, including lots of different textures will add warmth and interest to a room. Pair felt, feather or fur cushions against silk; layer knitted fabrics against plain linen. 

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