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Get access to our training vault, a community of like-minded creatives and weekly Q&A sessions for all your business and design needs. 

This membership is for you if...

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    You're quite confident with what you're doing, but sometimes you have a design question that you'd just like a second opinion on, and where can you go to ask, without looking like you should already know it!
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    You'd love a great looking website, but you're not sure how to get it. Hosting? HTML? Plug ins? Join the membership and get all the tech help you need.
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    You love being creative, but when it comes to getting customers, where do you start? Want some marketing help? Come and join us.
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    You know you should be on social media, but what to post? And when? And who has time for all that anyway? Let me show you how to leverage social media to get your diary fully booked!
  • You'd like a community of fellow creatives, who you can turn to for help, to problem solve with, to pick you up when you're having a bad day. People who just "get it". 

So what's included?

Welcome Call

Get a one to one strategy call so that we can deep-dive into your business and find out how we can tailor the membership for you.

Online Classroom

Available 24/7 our online training vault contains tutorials on tech, business, marketing and more. 

Weekly Q&A

Join a weekly Q&A session with the Head of The Home Design School, Kate Hatherell. Request a 1:1 hot seat to deep dive into your business

Community Forum

Join a growing community of interior designers, soft furnishers, painters and other home professionals, to support and share questions, wins, challenges and expertise.

Quarterly 1:1

Let's keep you on track in your business with our quarterly 15 minute one to one strategy session, where we set your direction and keep you on track.


In addition to the training vault, get access to a range of resources, including a UK interiors' supplier directory and client brief template.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much does the membership cost?

How long do I have to commit for?

I'm not an interior designer. Can I still join?

I'm an employed designer. Can I still join?

Join the membership now!

For a short period of time, a special "Founding Member" price applies, to reflect the fact that this is a new membership, with a small training vault and fewer members at the moment. Whilst the training vault is being built, you get one on one coaching and support.

This special price will be honoured for as long as you stay in the membership, and no price rises will apply to you for this membership- ever! It also means that you get to shape the content that goes into the vault, around your business and your needs. Just use the code Founder10 at the checkout.

It's such good value. What are you waiting for?!

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