I don't normally write about interior design outside of the home, but I went to such a cute little tea rooms this week that I had to share it with you.

The Lion Rock Tea Rooms is nestled away at the foot of Cheddar Gorge in Somerset (that's right, where the cheese comes from). The owner was keen to point out to me that it is a 'tea rooms' (not a café) because each room is themed individually, and it's meant to create a cosy environment, making you feel at home. What do you think?

The room above is called The Panel Room. It feels really fresh and fun, with blue tongue and groove panelling and yellow walls. I love the floral wallpaper, but the British seaside prints lighten the mood and stop the room from being too twee.

The next room is called, 'The Lounge':

The button back chair and faux-leather-bound-book wallpaper are reminiscent of a gentleman's lounge; you could almost imagine Sherlock Holmes sitting here smoking his pipe. I love the way  the cushions add a bit of humour by picking up the wallpaper detail.

Next comes the aptly entitled, 'Pink Room'. A little saccharine for my tastes but I can't help but feel that the chintzy vibe is all a bit tongue in cheek, if you see what I mean?:

Lastly, although not strictly a room, the till area is worth a quick mention. It's a Cath Kidston lover's dream:

I'm not sure I'd like London buses and the Houses of Parliament adorning the rooms of my home, but for a tea rooms, I think it's a bit of fun that works well. What do you think? Would you have this in your home?

The Lion Rock Tea Rooms has a couple of other rooms too, but I'll leave those for you to scout out next time you're in Somerset. 

Until next time x