In this Essential Elements series, we are looking at the iconic elements that make up a country look in your home décor. In my last Essential Elements post, we looked at the key items to include in a country kitchen and today we're turning our attention to the key pieces to include when designing a country-style living room. Once you are clear about the key pieces that are needed to create your look, the rest is fairly easy to achieve. Let's make a start with the furniture.

Leather Chesterfield Sofa Country Living Room


First up is the main piece of furniture in your living room: the sofa. Traditional country schemes favour the Chesterfield design. With its low arms and button back, it is a quintessential classic style. The leather look gives a relaxed aged appearance, as in this picture above, or you can create a slightly more formal look by choosing a neat fabric finish, like this below. I love the velvety upholstery on the blue Chesterfield.

Fabric Chesterfield Country Living Room


To pair with your Chesterfield, try investing in a couple of wing back chairs; it will be a decision you won't regret. There are so many different styles of wing-back chair that it is easy to find something to suit your tastes. There are modern, clean line interpretations of wing back chairs, or you could go with a classic style, like this one below. Personally I'm not so keen on the animal paraphernalia in the background (hoping that is a faux fox there), but each to their own.

Wingback Chair for a Country Living Room


The final piece of iconic furniture for your scheme should be a padded footstool. Whilst upholstered footstools are undoubtedly a comfortable place to rest your feet, they are not so good when it comes to finding room to put your mug down. Make your footstool multi-functional by adding a tray to hold drinks, books and ornaments.

Soft Grey Footstool for a Country Living Room


Now that we have the furniture sorted, near the top of my must-have list in a country living room is a fireplace with a roaring log fire. Fireplaces create a great focal point for seating arrangements and there is nothing better than coming back from a cold country walk to warm up by a fire. Again, there are so many choices out there. If you happen to have a beautiful fireplace like the one below, then all well and good, but if not, consider installing a free-standing log burner which gives much the same effect.



Once you have your key pieces of furniture in place, you can then add the cosy touches that make a country living room snug. Real wool or cashmere throws add a feeling of elegance and are soft to the touch. I must admit to having a soft spot for throws by Bronte for Moon. They are fairly pricey but, in my opinion, worth every penny.

Beautiful Bronte by Abraham Moon & Sons Throws and Cushions


Including all of these elements will see you well on the way to creating your dream country home. What elements do you think are important for creating that country feel? What sorts of things would you include?

Until next time x