Summer is well underway now, and for once, we actually seem to be having a bit of sunshine here in the UK (uh-oh, am I tempting fate here?!) 

With all of this lovely weather, thoughts turn to making more of our outdoor spaces and, rather than looking to bring the outdoors in, we turn the tables and look for ways to bring the indoors out.

Summerhouses are a fantastic way of making use of the outdoor space. They have the advantage of being outside whilst still having protection from the elements and, for me, it also means yet another room to design and decorate. A win-win situation. 

Summerhouses were traditionally intended as places of relaxation, but you can make them into more functional spaces by using them as a home office, artist's studio, playroom or even a spare guest room. 

So let's have a little look at what's out there, and what your differing budgets can buy you...

First up is this top of the range summerhouse from from Haddenstone. I say 'summerhouse', but strictly speaking, it's actually an orangery, so you'll be sure of keeping your fruit trees safe over the winter months. When a product is listed as POA (price on application) you know it's going to be eye-wateringly expensive, but we can dream, eh?

Summer Rooms for Every Budget: Glass Orangery. Click through to read more!

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Our next pick is this cute little painted summerhouse. Reminiscent of a cricket pavilion, you could just imagine yourself sitting here with a bowl of strawberries and cream, soaking up the sunshine. John Lewis have a nice range of pavilion summerhouses, although you're still looking at around £8 - 10,000.

Summer Rooms for Every Budget: Glass Pavilion. Click through to read more!


For similar by John Lewis


If you fancy something a little different, this Shepherd's hut is from Garden Hideouts and retails at £24,950. This might sound like a lot, but the huts have surprisingly modern interiors, and they are kitted out with all the mod cons, including a fully fitted bathroom and mini-kitchen. It would certainly act as a holiday home for guests who are staying with you a little longer. 

Summer Rooms for Every Budget: Caravan. Click through to read more!


If you're looking for a less-serious investment, even something as simple as a wooden shed can be glammed up to make a perfectly acceptable summer she-den or man-cave. This is an 8X6 Pent Shiplap Wooden Shed from B&Q and you can pick up something similar for around £500.

Summer Rooms for Every Budget: She Den or She Shed. Click through to read more!


And finally if all of those options are out of your budget altogether well, there's nothing wrong with a picnic basket, blanket and bottle of fizz as a last resort...

Summer houses for every budget, or that's out of reach, how about a picnic basket and blanket? Cheers!


Whatever type of outdoor room you're planning to make this summer, why not share your photos on our twitter page and share the love? Happy summer, everyone!

Until next time x