In my role as a Home Design teacher, this has to be the question that I am asked the most, and it's also the question that I see posted most often in various groups that I belong to.

But it's also one of the hardest questions to answer!


Because the truthful answer is... it depends.

The right paint colour depends upon the mood that you want to create in your home, and the style you like. It depends on the direction that your room faces and the quality of light entering the room.

It depends at what time of day you want to use the room, and what tasks you will be carrying out in the room.

It depends on what existing furniture you have in your room, and the colour of the wood and trim in your room.

One of the worst mistakes I see is people recommending paint colours to other people, without any consideration of how it will look in their home.

Yes, Farrow & Ball Manor House Gray might look fab in that person's room, with their furniture and facing that direction. But in your room? That lovely deep grey you saw in your friend's home, or on Pinterest may be oppressive in your living room! Or the blue undertones that you hadn't spotted might just shine through in your room and make your north-facing room appear cold.

You can't just 'port' someone else's room and colour choices into your home, no matter how much you love them.

It just doesn't work like that!

It is for this reason that I never recommend my 'Go-To' paint colours. Because what might look amazing in one space could look quite different somewhere else. 

So what is one to do?

Actually, once you know a few key rules to do with paint, choosing the right paint colour for your room becomes quite simple. 

A little while ago, I ran an online class on this exact topic. In 30 minutes we explored everything to do with choosing paint colours, from what are undertones and why do they matter, to the direction that your room faces and how to deal with it, and how to test paint like the professionals.

Now, I'm not running that live class at the moment, but if you'd like to access the free recording, and find out everything you need to know about choosing paint colours the right way, just click the image below.

Until next time x

Main image source: Farrow and Ball