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You would have thought that choosing window dressings for your home would be an easy task. Curtains or blinds, job done, right? It’s not until you start looking into it that you realise there are a dizzy array of options. So which should you choose, and why?

1. Curtains

 Image Via  Blinds2Go  Image Via Blinds2Go

Curtains are great for general living rooms, and bedrooms. They add sound protection from the outside, ideal if you live on a busy road, as well as the obvious benefit of light reduction, which can be enhanced with black out linings and interlinings.

However, in rooms where you have a lot of moisture in the air (bathrooms and kitchens) curtains are not the most hygienic or long-lasting choice. The moisture can make the curtains decompose and shorten their life.

2. Voiles and Nets

Although net curtains are a bit ‘old hat’, placing a voile at the window gives a degree of privacy and creates a wafty, romantic feel in the room. 

3. Blinds

There are a huge range of blinds, for a range of different purposes.

Roman blinds are usually made from fabric, which means they are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. They are a neat option if you like clean lines, because they tuck away tidily behind the fold when they are up. 

Venetian blinds are usually made from wood or plastic. They have the advantage of offering privacy when they are down, either by being fully closed, or by having the slats tilted so that light can come in, but people cannot see into the room. One downside is that they can be dust traps, although you can buy special dusters for this purpose.

Roller blinds are again a neat option, and they often come in waterproof fabrics so that they can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. 

4. Shutters 

 Image via  Blinds2Go  Image via Blinds2Go

Shutters are a modern and popular way of covering windows. Traditionally used on the outside of houses, plantation style shutters for the inside of windows are becoming increasingly popular. They look fantastic within a bay window in a no-fuss scheme. They look great in modern and coastal schemes, as well as adding a contemporary twist to a traditional scheme, as above.

Layer up your options

 Image via  English Blinds  Image via English Blinds

To create a well dressed room, layering your window dressings is a great option. Use roman blinds and full length curtains, or a double track with a voile and curtain, giving a sumptuous glam look. Having double window dressings also allows you to anchor a colour scheme in the room. The yellow in the room above wouldn’t look so impactful without the blinds, and the room would look less cohesive as a result.

Main Image Source: English Blinds




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