Christmas Colour Trends

A few years ago, I had redecorated our living room to include lots of pale pinky- purples. I had replaced curtains, soft furnishings and even bought a lovely dusty pink-purple loveseat from

I was really pleased with the look, until it came to getting out our Christmas decorations. I love our Christmas decorations, and I have lovingly added to them year after year, increasing my carefully curated collection. I have items from all around the world, and many of them have unique and special memories for me.

So when I got the box of decorations out, the last thing I expected to feel was disappointment. As I looked at my carefully wrapped rows of baubles and ornaments, I realised that they were going to clash terribly with my purple and pink decor. 

Now I know that for many people, they wouldn't care, but for me, having clashing decorations is a no-no. I just can't do it.

So back in their box they went, and I traipsed off to the shops to replace all of my decorations with pinks, silvers and lilac decorations, straight off the shelf with a heavy heart.

Once I got to the shops, however, I realised that it didn't cost as much as I thought it would to replace most of my Christmas decorations. Of course, they weren't lovingly picked over a lifetime, and they had no sentimental value, but they were pretty and - most importantly - they matched my decor.

Fast forward a few years, and I now have a much more neutral, pared down scheme in my living room with soft creams and greys. The pinks and soft purples are a thing of the past and against my new neutral backdrop, I can happily bring out my beautiful red ornaments once again t have pride of place. 

If you are in a quandry this year about which colours to choose, or you just fancy a refresh, check out the top colour trends doing to rounds this year.

1. Traditional Red and Green

 Laura Ashley Laura Ashley

As always, red and green is a classic Christmas combination, and this year is no exception. Select a few red ornaments to hang on the tree, and wrap presents underneath in neutral paper with red bows. Choose gold metallics to complement the red, and hang tartan bows for that country classic look.

2. Scandi Inspired Red and White

 Homebase Christmas Tree Homebase Christmas Tree

A red and white colour combination brings a fresh take on the traditional red and green and lends a scandi vibe to your Christmas. Use a white flocked tree and stick to these two colours for a clean look.

3. Let it Snow!

 Marks and Spencer Marks and Spencer

You can't get more wintry than an all-white scheme at Christmas. Install a white tree, and bring in white and silver baubles for a snowscape in your living room. Warm things up a little with black or wooden furniture, to stop the room from feeling too cold.

4. Warm Metallics

 Homesense Homesense

Over recent years there has been a real trend towards using warm metallics like gold, copper and brass, and this is now creeping into our Christmas decor too. Look out for lanterns, decorative stars and baubles in these colours, and complement them with pinecones. Choose a tree to help display them against an all green backdrop. 

5. Peacock Blue and Purple

 Poundland Poundland

If you're into a more vibrant look, then go to town with a strong marriage of purple and peacock- blue. Dress your tree with angel wings and contrasting baubles, and ramp up the bling with gold metallics elsewhere in the room.

Until next time x

Main Image Source: John Lewis

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