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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for Home Decor Lovers

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If you’re not like all of the Smug Ones who loudly and proudly announce that all of their Christmas presents were bought and wrapped before September was out, the thought that there are now less than 3 weeks to go until Christmas can see the panic beginning to set in.

As if that weren’t bad enough, buying a gift for home decor enthusiasts can be an almost impossible task. Us home decor lovers often have very distinct tastes, developed and refined after years of analysing and defining our style, and carefully selecting our decor. Frankly, there is nothing worse than being bought a gift that, although well intentioned, we then just feel obligated to display so that we don’t cause offence.

The Key to Buying Something Suitable

The key to buying something that your home decor lover will appreciate lies in buying less permanent additions to their home. Veer away from buying personal choices such as artwork or ornaments unless you know them and their style really really well, and stick to more disposable or consumable style gifts.

However, with my top picks of the season below, you should find the shopping task a little easier, and with all of the options available for delivery before December 23rd, you’ve still got plenty of time to get the perfect gift this year.

1.  Festive Foliage

  Winter Azalea by Interflora  Winter Azalea by Interflora

Interflora have a great range of last minute gifts, like this beautiful winter azalea. The great news is that they are taking orders for delivery right up until December 23rd.  Not only do whites and natural greenery go with most design styles, they can be planted outdoors in spring if they don’t suit the recipient’s decor tastes. A fresh bouquet of Christmas flowers is a great gift idea too.

2. Scented Candles

 Flower Lady Scented Candles by  Chase and Wonder  Flower Lady Scented Candles by Chase and Wonder

Even the pickiest of home decor enthusiasts will thank you for the gift of candles. The candles are ideal during winter months to bring some cosiness to the home, and if they are not quite to the recipient’s taste, they don’t last forever.

3. Wall Calendar

 Floral Wall Calendar by  Papermash  Floral Wall Calendar by Papermash

If your home decor lover enjoys a country vibe to their home, this floral wall calendar will help them to keep their family’s appointments in order, as well as looking pretty on their fridge, or in their office, but don’t buy this if they have a modern, sleek or glam style going on.

4. Champagne Glasses

 Champagne Serving Set by  Black By Design  Champagne Serving Set by Black By Design

Christmas is a time for celebration, and nothing says celebration more than a set of Champagne glasses. Even if your home decor lover is teetotal, serving drinks in champagne flutes bring a special touch to this time of year, and makes a very special gift.

5. A Cosy Winter Throw

 Woollen Throw from  Urbanara  Woollen Throw from Urbanara

Everyone will appreciate a cosy throw to snuggle up in this winter. As long as you choose a neutral colour, and a good quality wool, your home decor enthusiast will be delighted with your gift. Even if it doesn’t fit with their decor, they will still be able to use and appreciate it during cold winter evenings, and store it in a drawer or basket during the day.

6. The Gift of Good Design

  Online Interior Design Courses from The Home Design School  Online Interior Design Courses from The Home Design School

Most people who are home decor enthusiasts love learning anything and everything they can about home decor and design. Give them the joy of learning this Christmas, with one (or more) of my short online courses. From style workshops to colour masterclasses, to full blown whole-home courses, there is something here to delight. If you’d like a gift certificate to accompany your purchase, just contact me and I’ll send one right through.

Until next time x

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