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When friends pop round for coffee, they usually stay for an hour or two, and they spend more time talking to you than noticing what is going on with your home décor. But when those guests are here to stay for a longer stretch, they have time to notice in more detail, how your home looks. Create the perfect guest bedroom, and make your guests feel right at home with these 10 easy to achieve tips. 

1. Neutralise & De-personalise

If you are starting from scratch with your guest bedroom, think calm, relaxing, sanctuary. Keep your colour palette neutral, and bring in interest with textures and soft furnishings. Whether you are starting from scratch or using existing décor, remove as many personal items as possible from the room. Feeling as though you have been shoe-horned in amongst someone else’s clutter is never a welcoming first impression to give.

2. Check your Layout and Storage

Plan your layout so that guests can get from the door to the bed easily, and make sure that you include enough storage for them to be able to unpack their cases. If you aren’t able to provide a whole wardrobe and chest of drawers, then at least clear out a drawer or two so that your guests have somewhere to store their clothing, and keep surfaces clear for their smaller possessions. 

3. Plan for Privacy

One of my pet hates when going to someone else’s house is not having locks on the bedroom and bathroom doors. Test the door to your guest bedroom and bathroom, and make sure that they close properly. Make sure that the locks function correctly, and that there is no chance of your guests getting locked in. If it doesn’t work, put fixing it at the top of your priority list.

4. Provide Bedside Tables (Nightstands)

If possible, put a nightstand either side of the bed with a light on it. Your guests will not be familiar with the layout of the room, so being able to see where they are going, from light switch to bed, is essential in an unfamiliar house, especially at night. If nightstands are outside of your budget, try covering a wooden box with fabric for an impromptu bedside table. 

And if you want to leave the most special touch for your guests, why not print out this welcome guest poem and leave it on the nightstand. 

5. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before!

Before your guests arrive, schedule in enough time to give their room a thorough deep clean. Start at the top of the room and dust the ceiling and walls for cobwebs. Wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth and vacuum or mop the flooring thoroughly. 

6. Test your Mattress

Having the right sort of bed can make or break your trip away. If you haven’t changed your mattress for a while, you will have no idea whether it will be too hard or too soft. Try sleeping in your guest room for a night to test out the mattress a few weeks before they arrive. The mattress should be firm, but with some give in it. If it isn’t right, it might be time to invest in a new one. There’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep, after all. 

7. Layer Bedding

Goose Feather & Down Duvet, Pillows & Mattress Protector Source:

Make your guests as comfortable as possible by having an abundance of mattress toppers, duvets and pillows. Think ‘sinking into a cloud’ and you’ll do well. Duvets and pillows absorb a lot of bugs and nasties, so either have your bedding professionally cleaned, or think about investing in new. Keep extra blankets near the bed for those guests who feel the cold more than others.

8. Install some hooks

Guests will arrive with coats, dressings gowns, bags and more. Installing a few hooks on the back of doors means that they can keep their clothing and clutter tidy, and out of the way. 

9. Stack a bale of towels

Nothing says ‘cared for’ more than leaving a bale of fluffy white towels on the bed, for the guests’ use. Leave them piled up on the bed; one stack for each guest.

Royal Turkish Towels. Source:

10. Kit out a tray or basket with handy items

Leave a tray on a side table in the room filled with handy items: a box of tissues, an alarm clock, and a water pitcher or carafe with a clean glass. If you have a guest bathroom, check that this is fully stocked with soap and toilet paper too, and ensure there is a waste paper bin handy. If you want to be a bit more fancy, leave a small basket of toiletries too with a “help yourself” message.

Or if you want to leave an extra special touch, why not print out this ‘Welcome Guest’ poem, pop it in a frame, and leave it on their bedside table? What a great welcome!


Once your guest bedroom is ready to go, you can sit back, breath a sigh of relief and, enjoy the most important part of having guests to stay: the fun and friendship!

Until next time x

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