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There are so many talented individuals within the interior design industry. Sometimes it can be a bit of a quagmire, trying to wade through and know who to follow. I enjoy following a variety of influencers; some are people who have a similar style and taste to my own, as well as others that have a completely different design style to my own, which gives me fresh perspectives.

Here are my top 10 of interior design influencers I love to follow.

1. Sarah Akwisombe [Website here]

I first discovered Sarah when I was researching how to set up a blog; Sarah runs an awesome introductory course for wannabe bloggers called Blueprint to Blogging, which is how I came to set up my blog. That aside, Sarah is an interior stylist and blogger based in London. She describes her style as being bold and rebellious, “kinda like Betty Draper wearing Nike Air Max”! Sarah’s style is so deliciously different to mine, and I love following influencers outside of my own style. If you want something a little quirky, very individual and über cool, she’s one to check out.

2. Melanie Lissack [Website here]

Melanie Lissack is an award winning blogger, based in London. Melanie set up her blog to help people like herself, who see gorgeous interiors in magazines, but don’t necessarily have the budget to recreate the look. She teaches people how to source, copy or recreate those looks, on a budget. There are loads of DIY tutorials and inspirational images, as well as product reviews too.

3. Sophie Robinson [Website here]

Most famous for her stint as one of the presenters on the BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge, Sophie is a London based stylist too. One of Sophie’s strengths is her awesome knowledge and boldness with colour. She is not afraid to experiment and mix cohesive and clashing colours together. I attended one of Sophie’s in-person design workshops last year, and I can confirm that she is as nice in person, as she is on the telly. Awww…

4. Kate Watson-Smyth [Website here]

Kate is an interiors journalist and writer, who pens the blog, Mad About the House. She also runs a design consultancy called Mad About Your House. Kate’s style is quirky and eclectic, yet her backdrop colour palette is almost uniquely monotone. If you like the current trend for grey (and if you know me, you know I do!), her fab book ‘Shades of Grey’ is a must-read. 

5. Kristie Barnett [Website here]

Better known as ‘The Decorologist’, Kristie is a US design and colour expert, and home staging teacher. She creates sophisticated, and beautifully styled homes. I love the way that her blog teaches you different home decor lessons, often through projects she is completing herself. 

6. Maria Killam [Website here]

There is nothing that Maria Killam doesn’t know about colour. She really is the Queen of Colour! Maria provides colour consultancy services across North America, and she also runs colour workshops, teaching others her systems. 

7. Stacey Sheppard [Website here]

Better known as, ‘The Design Sheppard’ Stacey’s blog is a great read because of the variety of information that she shares.  From product reviews and designer interviews to makeovers to sneak peeks inside her own home decorating plans. 

8. Kate McPhee [Website here]

Kate McPhee is an interior stylist who creates the beautiful Good Homes Magazine room sets that you see each year at The Ideal Home Show. What I love about Kate’s work is that her creations are real, liveable designs. You feel as though you could really live in the spaces that she creates, rather than them just being “swoon worthy” spaces (which they are too of course!)

9. Emily Henderson [Website here]

Most famous for her New York Times Bestselling book, “Styled”, Emily Henderson runs an LA based interior design company. Her blog is a mix of how to’s and inspiration, and she gives away golden nuggets of style advice.

10. Emma Sims-Hilditch [Website here]

Out of all of the inspirational people mentioned here today, Emma Sims-Hilditch is the designer whose style most closely matches my own. Emma is the person behind the design company, Sims-Hilditch and she is also the Creative Director of Neptune. Her style is pared back English country. Sims-Hildich publish a journal on their website, with gorgeous images of the most beautiful country home interiors.

So those are my top 10 interior design influencers. Who do you like to follow and why? Come and join the conversation in our facebook group.

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