Pigeon holing yourself into one design style

In last week’s post, we looked at all of the different decorating styles that are out there. We learned about the key elements in styles like shabby chic, farmhouse, mid-century modern and more.

Undoubtedly, there will be certain styles that you are more drawn to and that appeal to you than others. Perhaps you like the comfort of country style, and minimalism leaves you feeling cold. Perhaps you find a glamorous look a bit too ‘buttoned up’ and you prefer a more laid back, perhaps industrial scheme.

We’re all different, and that’s great!

Different styles suit different people, and getting to know your preferred style is a great start.

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So when it comes to decorating our homes, we should just pick one of the styles we are drawn to and copy it in our homes, right?


Choosing one of these styles and just importing it into your home is invariably a recipe for disaster!

By selecting one style and trying to replicate everything about that style in your home, you will probably find that you end up disatisfied with the results. Getting to know your own style preferences is a great place to start, but it certainly isn’t the whole story. 

Different interpretations of style

As we saw in last week’s style descriptions, there are key elements which make up each design style.

Let’s use “country” style as an example. Country style tends to be defined by elements such as log baskets, checkered throws and painted wooden furniture. However, some people who like the country style may like uncluttered, simple design, whereas other people who like country might like their rooms to be full of accessories, animal busts and wall art of the local hunt.

There are so many interpretations of what “country” means. There is a French Country, Modern Country, Traditional Country, Farmhouse Country and more. Using the term “Country” isn’t specific enough.

What country means to one person will mean something completely different to someone else.

So choosing one style is not the end of the process. More work needs to be done!

It’s not bespoke enough

When we choose a design style for our home, we need it to reflect who we are as a person. Our homes are a reflection of our personalities, a place for us to express who we are.

The famous interior designer, Kelly Hoppen knows all about tailoring your home to fit you uniquely:

“In order for your home to feel welcoming and comfortable, your home must fit you in the same way that a made-to-measure Savile row suit does.”

— Kelly Hoppen

Although we can identify some of the key elements of a particular style, that’s not the whole story. There will be certain parts of a style that you love, and other parts that you’re not so wild about. You can’t just import a whole style into your home. It won’t quite fit you right.

You home decorating style needs to be tailored to you, and as unique as you are. It’s rare to identify exactly and exclusively with one type of style.

You like more than one style

Let me use a food analogy here. In the same way that most of us like a variety of different cuisines, some of us like Chinese food as well as Indian food as well as Italian food, most of us have more than one preference when it comes to what we like in our homes too. 

Most of us like one of the design styles, but also enjoy other styles too.

If you restrict yourself to just one design style, what do you do about the other elements that you like?

If you like traditional classic design, does that mean that you can’t have something modern and funky in your space too?

If you stick slavishly to one design style, then yes!

It does mean that you have straight-jacketed yourself to one look.

In reality, most of us like a mixture of different styles.

Creating a Bespoke Style

The key to creating a home which reflects you personally, includes all of your preferences and allows you to express your personality, is to get clear about your own unique, personal design style. What’s YOUR vibe? What are YOUR quirks? What is unique about YOU and YOUR taste?

Until next time x

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