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You'd love to study interior design, and you want to study with a school that gives 1:1 attention!

Interior Design Qualification

Study with a school who treats you as an INDIVIDUAL, gets to know you PERSONALLY, and MENTORS you through the process. We've got your back, every step of the way,

You have a passion for interior design, but passion doesn't always equal pounds in the pocket!

Learn how to create a KICK ASS brand, set up ROCK SOLID systems, and grow a THRIVING business. 

All with the support of a community of fellow UK interior designers.

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What You'll Learn:

  • How your presentation boards can be an ambassador for your brand!
  • Discover the key components to making a design board stand out from the competition. 
  • Step-by-step strategies you can implement for immediate results!

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Interior Designer

Kate Hatherell 

The Home Design School

Hi! I'm Kate...

I'm so pleased that you're here!

When I studied interior design, I wanted help and support from a mentor. Unfortunately, my experience was less than ideal and I often ended up struggling alone. Once I qualified, I wanted to set up my own business, but I didn't know where to start!

I just wanted some people who were further down the line than me to give some advice, but it didn't seem to exist in the UK. And so The Home Design School and The Interior Designers Hub were born.

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